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(updated April 9, 2011*)


The following information is provided for information purposes and does not constitute legal advice. We require an engagement letter of all our clients. Consequently, we can only provide general information and answer (if possible) general questions prior to one becoming a client of ours. Above all, we highly recommend you consult an attorney if you believe you may be involved at all in the MPAA or RIAA Legal Initiative. You can contact the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the web site for a list of attorneys. Of course, we would be happy to speak with you about any initial concerns and discuss representation with you. Simply email us or telephone us at 773.588.5410.

Please be aware that the United States Copyright Act has a three-year statute of limitations. As such, any individuals that may have file-shared or engaged in BitTorrent activity some time ago may still yet be subject to potential suits.


Recent Updates

Mudd Law Offices Offers No-Cost Initial Consultations
9 April 2011
Mudd Law Offices will offer an initial complimentary (no cost) consultation to anyone that has received notice from an Internet Service Provider that information about them has been sought pursuant to a subpoena.

Mudd Law Offices Serves as Local Counsel for EFF in Three Additional Steele Lawsuits
8 April 2011
On behalf of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Mudd Law Offices filed motions for leave to file related authority in three bittorrent lawsuits filed by attorney John Steele in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Specifically, the lawsuits are MGCIP, LLC v. Does 1-316, No. 10-cv-06677; Future Blue, Inc. v. Does 1-300; and Hard Drive Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-1000.

Mudd Law Offices Represents More than 200 P2P and BitTorrent Defendants
1 April 2011
Mudd Law Offices has represented more than 200 individuals sued by the RIAA, MPAA and other plaintiffs in Peer to Peer and BitTorrent litigation.


* This page shall be updated from time to time. Anyone may link to this site. As stated above, this page and its contents have been provided for informational purposes only and SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED LEGAL ADVICE or LEGAL REPRESENTATION.


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