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P2P and BitTorrent Related Litigation Practice

Charles Lee Mudd Jr. has been representing individuals subpoenaed and sued for alleged peer-to-peer (P2P and BitTorrent file-sharing since the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) began its suits in late summer of 2003. Since then, he has represented more than two-hundred individuals finding themselves pursued by copyright trolls. He has been featured on NPR's Morning Edition, in Rolling Stone Magazine, in Sky Radio's America's Best Lawyers series (Safari users click here), and, most recently, in Wired magazine.

In 2003, Charles became concerned about the RIAA's initial use of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to obtain the identities of alleged infringers of the copyrights held by the RIAA's clients (the major Record Companies). In addition, he objected to the approach adopted and implemented by the RIAA for purposes of attacking the file-sharing problem. Consequently, he volunteered on philosophical and public policy grounds to represent individuals who found themselves facing the RIAA. Later, this representation included those sued by the MPAA.

In 2005, Charles' firm co-sponsored with the Electronic Frontier Foundation the First Annual P2P Litigation Summit. The Summit brought together leading experts in the area of P2P Litigation.

Most recently, he has represented individuals sued in the recent wave of bittorrent litigation occurring over the last several months.

A flexible, discounted rate program has been established to provide representation for those individuals being pursued in P2P and bittorrent litigation. This representation includes both settlement discussions and litigation defense. We have designed our discounted rate program to enable individuals to more freely choose how they wish to respond to the P2P and bittorrent lawsuits.

Thus, the same concerns that prompted Charles' initial involvement in these matters nearly eight (8) years ago continue to drive his efforts in defending and representing those individuals who have found themselves to be Doe or named defendants in the recent barrage of lawsuits filed by what others have characterized as copyright trolls.

With respect to his involvement in this area of law practice, Charles has been listed on the subpoena defense website since its beginning. He has experience in representing the interests of low-income individuals, minors, students, adults, retirees, and military with respect to P2P and bittorrent litigation. Moreover, Mudd Law Offices has substantial experience in dealing with the attorneys representing the plaintiffs such as Evan Stone, John Steele, Nicholas Kurtz, and others, as well as the attorneys for the MPAA and RIAA. He has trained a number of attorneys in Chicago that now also represent such defendants. Additionally, having a background in intellectual property, litigation, and privacy, he remains well-prepared and experienced to handle all aspects of P2P and bittorrent (or copyright troll) related legal representation. Our unique approach to these matters provide our clients with exceptional and professional representation.

Please contact Charles at 773.588-5410 or cmudd @ for a private, complimentary consultation. You should never need to pay to obtain basic information on these matters from an attorney. Moreover, should someone decide to settle their dispute, in our opinion, one should not be paying an attorney or law firm more than a $500.00 flat fee to facilitate such resolution from beginning to end (and, for your reference, our flat fee is less than this amount).

For your general benefit, please visit our P2P and BitTorrent Litigation Information Page that provides general information related to the RIAA Legal Initiative.

In all cases, we recommend that you speak with legal counsel immediately upon receiving notification that your identity has been subpoenaed from your ISP or your academic institution, or that you have been named in a lawsuit. Please note that in some jurisdictions (eg Illinois) oral settlement agreements can be enforced. Thus, it remains imperative that you speak with legal counsel as quickly as possible. Again, you can contact Charles Mudd or visit for a list of several attorneys providing representation in these circumstances.


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