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Providing Legal Representation to Individuals and Business Organizations

We remain committed to providing a wide range of legal services to both our existing and new clients. The following represent some of our existing corporate and non-profit clients.


Some of Our Clients


Advanced Field Services, Inc.


ANAD (National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders)
      (in connection with John Marshall Law School)"The oldest national non profit organization
      dedicated to alleviating the problems of eating disorders and promoting healthy lifestyles."


Big Stick, Inc.


Big Splash Public Relations


Brad Simmons Photography


Brimstone Americas, Inc.


Diana Rein (Actor and Musician)


Scott Eversoll (Musician)




Fonn mor (A Celtic music phenomenon)


Fresh Start Forms, LLC


Ian Design, Inc. 


Illinois Humanities Council


Jessie Walker Associates (Residential Interior and Architectural Photography)


Jimi Allen Photography, Inc. (Commercial and Wedding Photography)


The Kloser Group, LLC


Normal Pictures, Inc.


Proud Cut Films, LLC (Film Production Company)


Red Monarch Productions, Inc. (Meeting and Event Planning)


Tanchakat Productions Company (Film and Media Production Company)


Safe Communications, Inc.


Village Children's Academy


Wise Buy Now, LLC



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