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SI03, Inc. v. Does, et al.
1:07-cv-03266 (N.D. Illinois) and 07-6311 (D. Idaho)


Mudd Law Offices filed a Complaint on behalf of SI03, Inc. alleging that anonymous and pseudononymous individuals posted defamatory statements on message board forums found on, at a minimum, the website

SI03 Complaint

As a routine matter, the Court dismissed the "Doe" complaint without prejudice and allowed SI03 to pursue expedited discovery.

Order Dismissing Case and Allowing Discovery

Pursuant to the Court's order allowing discovery, SI03 served a subpoena upon, LLC, the owner of In response,, LLC objected and complained that the litigation had been dismissed. To remove any substance to this otherwise baseless objection, SI03 moved for clarification from the Court on its order dismissing the case without prejudice.

Motion for Clarification

The Court granted SI03's motion for clarification and explained that the dismissal did not bar discovery.

Order Granting Motion for Clarification

Transcript of Hearing on Motion for Clarification

Despite the Court's Order granting SI03's motion for clarification,, LLC maintained its objections to the subpoena.


Idaho Action

Subpoena served upon, LLC

After, LLC responded to the subpoena with formal objections, SI03 was compelled to file a miscellaneous action in Idaho seeking to compel the production of documents responsive to the subpoena from, LLC.

Application to File Overlength Memorandum (Document # 001)

Order Granting Overlength Memorandum (Document # 004)

Motion to Compel (Document # 006)

Memorandum in Support of Motion to Compel (Document # 006-2)

Exhibit A in Support of Motion to Compel (Document # 006-3)

Exhibit B in Support of Motion to Compel (Document # 006-4)

Exhibit C in Support of Motion to Compel (Document # 006-5)

Exhibit D in Support of Motion to Compel (Document # 006-6)

Exhibit E in Support of Motion to Compel

Part I (Document # 006-7)

Part II (Document # 006-8)

Part III (Document # 006-9)

Part IV (Document # 006-10)


Response to Motion to Compel (Document # 011)

Declaration of L. Gary Davis (Document # 011-2)

Declaration of Christopher D. Olszyk, Jr. (Document # 011-3)


Opinion and Order Denying Without Prejudice SI03, Inc.'s Motion to Compel



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