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Circle Group Holdings, et al. v. Yahoo, Inc.(2005 L 9099)

In this litigation, our Firm represented an anonymous individual whose identity became the subject of a lawsuit filed by, among others, the Plaintiff Circle Group Holdings against Yahoo, Inc. Circle Group Holdings filed an action seeking to obtain presuit discovery from Yahoo! that would identify the anonymous individual. Specifically, it sought to obtain the identity of our client by obtaining identifying information related to his pseudonym.

Despite the trial court's initial order allowing discovery, our firm resolved this matter on behalf of our anonymous client.

Filings by Petitioners

Petition for Presuit Discovery (available upon request)

Court's Order of September 2, 2005

Order Granting Discovery (available upon request)


Filings by Our Firm on Behalf of Third-Party Intervenors

Petition to Intervene and Intervene Using Fictitious Names (available upon request)

Motion to Vacate Order of September 2, 2005 (available upon request)

Additional Authority (available upon request)


Mudd Law Offices has represented several individuals whose identity has been sought in litigation throughout the United States. Although licensed in Illinois, Indiana, and Connecticut, our attorneys have been admitted to federal district courts in other jurisdictions. Additionally, our lawsyers can often be admitted to practice before a court on a case by case basis.



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