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22 January 2018
Mudd Law clients Amy Scott, Christine Beebe, and Shark Pig screened the premiere of their film "Hal" about film director Hal Ashby. Directed by Amy Scott, "Hal" presents a beautiful portrait of Ashby who directed the beautify "Being There," "Harold & Maude," "Coming Home," and so much more. Named by Entertainment Weekly as of the 12 best films at Sundance 2018, "Hal" constitutes a must see portrait of this masterful film director. Mudd Law has provided legal representation to the producers. Additionally, Charles Lee Mudd Jr. served as Associate Producer on the film.

18 January 2018
Charles Lee Mudd Jr. shares insights on spending time with his children in an article appearing on moneyish.com.

17 January 2018
Charles Lee Mudd Jr. is quoted in an article discussing the extent of privacy a guest may have when renting space from a private individual through online portals.

15 January 2018
Speaking about data security, data security attorney Charles Lee Mudd Jr. contributes insight to a data security article providing perspectives on preventing insider threats to data breaches in 2018.

1 January 2018
Happy New Year! Mudd Law moves further into its 16th year representing individuals and businesses.



29 December 2017
Charles contributed insight in a Mashable article relating to the recent Apple lawsuits regarding battery degradation and iOS updates.

19 May 2017
The United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled against the Federal Aviation Administration's requirement that amateur drone operators register their drones with the FAA.

17-19 May 2017
Principal Attorney Charles Lee Mudd Jr. and Associate Attorney Tatyana Ruderman attend the Internet Law Leadership Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. Charles is one of the founding members of the prominent organization with international membership of top Internet attorneys.

1 February 2017
Charles Lee Mudd Jr. moderated a full-day program on matters related to data security at the Illinois State Bar Association. The ISBA Business Advice & Financial Planning and ISBA Intellectual Property sections co-hosted the event.

1 January 2017
Happy New Year! Mudd Law moves further into its 15th year representing individuals and businesses.



8-9 December 2016
Charles Lee Mudd Jr. attended the Internet Law Leadership Summit in Miami, Florida. At the Summit, Charles presented on data security.

9-11 November 2016
Mudd Law attended the International Technology Law Association 2016 European Conference in Madrid, Spain from November 9-11, 2016. Charles Lee Mudd Jr. serves on the Board of ITechLaw.

14 January 2016
Congratulations to the nominees for the 2016 Academy Awards.

4 January 2016
We welcome Lauren Jankowski to Mudd Law!

1 January 2016
Happy New Year!