Intellectual Property

Protecting our clients and their creations
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Our firm provides full-service copyright representation including registration, licensing, litigation, and litigation defense.


We provide our clients with services related to protecting brands and marks through domain name registration, submission to clearinghouses, and both litigation and UDRP proceedigs.

Social Media

Social media has developed into a significant force for marketing businesses and consumer communication. Our team works with our clients to effectuate use of social media and protect against brand dilution.

Trade Secrets

Some intellectual property should not be publicly disclosed through government registration. In this context, it becomes paramount to develop procedures that protect these trade secrets and act quickly to enforce them. We draft NDAs; advise our clients on protecting trade secrets; and litigate theft of trade secrets,


We register trademarks and enforce tradenarks through litigaton and USPTO proceedings.

Why Choose Us?


Our team works diligently to develop creative solutions to our clients' litigation matters.


We work tirelessly on behalf of our clients and their interests.


We welcome our clients' communications and involvement in the litigation process.


We invest in understanding our clients to combine this knowledge with legal experience to plan strategically.


We can adapt to changing circumstances.