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Protecting our business clients in state and federal courts
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Our firm possesses extensive experience protecting our business clients' interests in state and federal courts throughout the United States.

Our Clients
Our firm has represented and continues to represent clients proudly considered "mom and pop" businesses; clients that have grown to become small to medium sized businesses; and large corporate clients commanding a national and international presence. Whether an office next door or across the world, our clients receive exceptional representation in effectively resolving their disputes in the most efficient and productive manner.

Types of Disputes
Our clients benefit from the developed experience our firm has acquired in handling simple and complex commercial disputes that involve any number of claims such as breach of contract, trade libel and commercial disparagement, misappropriation of trade secrets, copyright and trademark infringement, violation of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, deceptive trade practices, and more. Whether common law, state law, federal law, or a combination thereof, our firm utilizes any number of claims to pursue our client's rights and remedies.

For a consultation with respect to any commercial litigation matter, please contact our Principal, Charles Lee Mudd Jr. at 773 588 5410 or by email.

A Sampling of Cases
For your review, we have compiled a sampling of litigation in which our firm is (Present Litigation) and has been (Past Litigation) involved.
Our Philosophy
"The expense of litigation should not be coveted." While seemingly straightforward, our firm invests the time with each client to privately explore the most effective and productive means of obtaining the desired end. Our clients can be assurred that we will recommend litigation only where strategically viable to our client. Indeed, at times, we may recommend alternatives to resolving the dispute through litigation (ADR). Other times, we may recommend an immediate litigation attack involving multiple fronts. Each client, each dispute, and each opposing party will differ. Consequently, a customized strategy will be implemented to our client's ultimate benefit - both in terms of expense and outcome.

Form of Remedies
Our clients benefit from the knowledge and familiarity our firm has obtained through the use of varied remedies seeking immediate cessation of wrongful conduct (injunctive relief including temporary restraining orders as well as preliminary and permanent injunctions); seeking the performance of certain conduct; seeking monetary damages compensating our clients for their economic losses (compensatory damages), monetary damages awarded in addition to compensatory damages seeking to punish the opposing parties (punitive damages), and monetary damages provided for by statute (statutory damages); seeking the return of our clients' property (replevin actions), and, where provided for by law, the attorney's fees and costs our clients expend.

Our firm litigates throughout the United States in state and federal courts.

Our attorneys In addition to practicing in the state courts of Illinois, Indiana, Utah, and Connecticut, our principal attorney has appeared pro hac vice in state courts throughout the United States.
In many cases where we appear pro hac vice, we will work with local counsel to provide economical and efficient representation of our clients' interests. All of our attorneys are admitted to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. In addition, our principal attorney is admitted to all district courts in Illinois, the Northern District of Indiana, and the District Courts of Utah, Colorado, and Connecticut. He is also admitted to the Sixth and Seventh Circuits as well as to the United States Supreme Court.

We provide solid, effective collaboration as local counsel with attorneys who need to represent their business clients in commercial disputes litigated within Illinois and Indiana courts.

Our firm recognizes the strategic value of local counsel having relied on local counsel in our own litigation throughout the United States. Beyond the economic savings derived from proximity to local courts, local counsel also provides a valuable resource in knowledge of local custom, rules, courts, and judges. With more than thirteen years of litigation experience in Illinois and Indiana courts, our firm possesess this insight.
Within the context of serving as local counsel, the attorneys with whom we have worked sought a range of involvement from our firm. We work with our attorney colleagues to provide the level of support needed. This could involve insight and appearances on routine motions. Or, more extensively, this could involce active participation in discovery, motion practice, and strategy.

For more information about Mudd Law serving as local counsel with your firm or your attorneys, contact our principal attorney Charles Lee Mudd Jr.

Our attorneys serve as consulting counsel to colleagues on a wide variety of Internet and technology related matters.

Many businesses have long-standing relationships with legal counsel. At times, these businesses may become involved in commercial disputes that involve Internet and technology related issues. In some circumstances, their legal counsel may not possess an extensive background in Internet and technology related issues. In this case, it often becomes advantageous for such counsel to consult with colleagues that possess such background and knowledge. By using consulting counsel, the business' existing attorneys can acquire the knowledge that can compliment their own experience and strengthen the representation of and relationship with their clients.

We respect our colleagues' relationships. Indeed, our firm has long-standing relationships with many of our business clients. And, we value the input of our colleagues in areas of law outside our practice areas. As such, we welcome the opportunity to reciprocate as consulting counsel on Internet and technology related matters.

Our principal attorney has been immersed in Internet law and policy for more than twenty-five years as a political science graduate student, law student, and, for the last eighteen years, as an attorney. From this substantive background and experience, Charles has acquired extensive substantive knowledge on Internet and technology related matters. He has used this knowledge in teaching related topics at national and regional law schools. Additionally, beyond his own clients and firm, Charles provides valuable collaboration to attorney colleagues and their clients in various commercial litigation matters.

For more information about Mudd Law serving as consulting counsel with your firm or your attorneys, contact our principal attorney Charles Lee Mudd Jr.

Our firm provides our business clients with both litigation and transactional legal services. By doing so, we can implement strategies to avoid litigation in our contracts. Moreover, by knowing contracts and related issues, we bring a well-rounded approach to litigation strategies.

By representing corporate clients in both litigation and transactional matters, our attorneys possess the immediate benefit of cross polination of ideas.
Let us demonstrate how our background and practice can benefit your business.

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