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Is There a Post Office Open Near Me?

Do you live in an area that does not have a Post Office? If so, there are several ways to find one in your area. There are kiosks located inside large shopping malls and some are located in post office open near me lobbies. Kiosks often offer many of the same services that you can find at a full-service Post Office counter, including stamps, weigh-your-packages, and printing Priority Mail Express shipping labels. Some kiosks also offer free boxes and other Postal products. There are also Village Post Offices, which are areas of existing businesses that sell a limited range of Postal items.

Check your local Post Office's hours to make sure they are open on Christmas Day. Some will be open a bit later than normal in the days leading up to the holiday, while others will remain closed on Christmas Day. Business customers should check with their Bulk Mail Entry Unit to see when they can pick up mail. If you want your mail to be picked up on Christmas Day, you can do so as long as your package is dropped off before 12 p.m.

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