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WIth the Internet and emerging technologies, the risk for identity theft increases exponentially. Our firm helps clients and consumers protect against identity theft. For victims of identity theft, our firm mobilizes to repair our clients' credit history and reputations.

Identity theft can happen to anyone. When it does happen, identity theft can be frightening. Whether one learns of identity through the receipt of unfamiliar credit card statements, the denial of credit, fraudulent items on a credit report, being arrested for the conduct of another, or some other method, the realization that another has used one's identity strikes at the very core of our privacy. In such circumstances, you want to obtain a lawyer who understands victims of identity theft and possesses the knowledge and experience to help - and help immediately.

Mudd Law Offices represents victims of identity theft. This includes assisting the victim with restoring their credit, legal, and other personal records. In addition, we help individuals resolve issues with creditors and collection agencies relating to debts incurred through various forms of identity theft.

As an example, our representation has included successfully negotiating with credit card companies for resolution of fraudulent charges. Our representation has also included the successful removal of items from credit reports. Additionally, our representation has included investigation of fraudulent charges.
In addition, Mudd Law Offices provides counseling to victims of ID theft and other consumers about methods that can be used to prevent identity theft.

EVERY case presents individual circumstances that often require custom-based approaches. Consequently, we strive to provide individual based counseling and services.

Probably, the worst time to learn you have become a victim of identity theft will be in the evening or the weekend. In such circumstances, government offices will be closed, and most law firms will be closed. Unless you already have a relationship with a lawyer who happens to be available, you will not be able to speak to anyone until the next business day. The unavailability of resources only increases one's anxiety.

For this reason, the following represents steps you can take immediately at any time:

Temporary Fraud Alert
If you have become the victim of financial identity theft, you should immediately request that the credit bureaus place a temporary fraud alert on your reports. This will inform any new creditors that an issue has arisen with your identity and, hopefully, deny any future applications. However, you should know that this could also cause you to have some difficulties if you attempt to obtain any new credit, refinance, or engage in any activity that will require a credit report. Consequently, you should consider the potential effect and inconvenience this may cause. This is why we recommend only a temporary fraud alert.

You can request fraud alerts at the following locations:




If you place an alert with one of the major credit bureaus, it should inform the remaining two.

Police Report
You may want to consider filing a police report. You should not necessarily expect the police to immediately initiate an investigation. However, by filing a police report, you will create a record of the fraud. This could help in later endeavors to repair credit reports and remove other items caused by the identity theft.

FTC Affidavit
You may also complete an FTC identity theft affidavit which can be obtained here. As with police, you should not expect the FTC to react to your individual situation. Rather, it represents another means to create a report and record of the identity theft.

Chip Kidd

A variety of consumer resources exist online for victims of identity theft.

For consumer information relating to disclosure of financial information, several government agencies have issued a pamphlet with sound advice. You can obtain more information from the Federal Trade Commission's identity theft resources.

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