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Our firm works with a variety of businesses in providing them with every day representation.

Our team provides a robust suite of services to our business clients. For those entrepreneurs and founders who become clients prior to the formation of their company, our business lawyers provide guidance on entity formation. And, once the proper entity has been selected, our attorneys draft the documents necessary and complete the legal formation of the entity.

As any business grows, the need for additional people to help with the company growth occurs. In this context, our business and employment lawyers work with our client to draft employment agreements for employees and independent contractors (as well as NDAs, NCAs, and assignments). On this point, there exist significant issues involved in understanding how to properly classify these two types of support. Our firm provides guidance on how to navigate this distinction, obtain effective employment agreements, and continue to audit them for changes in the law.

As with employment agreements, our attorneys work with our business clients to draft contracts covering a wide-range of B2B and B2C transactions.
Mudd Law also works with our business and corporate clients to draft policies that affect employee relations; use of website and other property by consumers, customers, and clients; and, regulate interaction with strategic partners.

With a substantial understanding of Internet technology and law, our atorneys advise our clients on a number of Internet related matters.

Of course, there exist other areas in which our firm provides our corporate clients with legal representation. We provide legal advice in the area of intellectual property, particularly copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. Where our clients need patent work, our firm refers our clients to a trusted colleague in Chicago, Illinois.

Mudd Law also has a very strong litigation practice in a wide range of commercial, Internet, and intellectual property matters. We invite you to contact us for a consultation or read more on our website and blog.

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