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9 December 2015
The Circuit Court of Cook County granted a motion to quash (or deny) we filed on behalf of an anonymous blogger. A woman involved in local politics within Schiller Park, Illinois filed a petition in the Circuit Court of Cook County seeking the identity of our client who made anonymous posts about her online. She complained the statements constituted defamation. On behalf of our client, we opposed her efforts to obtain his identity arguing the statements did not amount to actionable defamation. The court agreed and held the statements constituted opinion protected by the FIrst Amendment. The court granted our motion, and held that the petitioner could not obtain our anonymous blogger's identity. (Caution: A success in one instance should not be viewed as a prediction of success in any other instance. Every case has its unique aspects.)

21 November 2015
Mudd Law attorneys return from the 10th Internet Law Leadership Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our principal attorney, Charles Mudd, is a founding member of the organization that consists of attorneys on the cutting-edge of Internet and technology law. At this Summit, Charles provided a presentation on measures to protect against and respond to a data breach.

7 November 2015
Charles Mudd attended the iTechLaw European Conference in London, England at which he co-presented a workship on publicity rights in social media and virtual worlds.

9 September 2015
After a trial in the Circuit Court of Cook County by its Senior Associate Larry Lipka, Mudd Law succeeded in obtaining a judgment order defeating claims brought against its client Pauls Design & Construction, LLC by Affordable Seating, LLC.

27 August 2015
The Circuit Court of Cook County entered an order granting Mudd Law's motion to dismiss filed on behalf of its client Bridget Crutchield in an action alleging defamation per se.

5 June 2015
Charles Lee Mudd Jr. will speak at the 2015 Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer's of America Nebula Awards Weekend in Chicago, Illinois. Attorney Mudd will address issues relating to digital publishing, self-publishing, and use of social media in marketing.

1 January 2015
Happy New Year!



4 July 2014
Enjoy a Safe and Happy Fourth of July Weekend.

22-23 May 2014
Mudd Law attorneys attend the 7th Internet Law Leadership Summit in Las Vegas

15-16 May 2014
Charles Lee Mudd Jr. attended the iTechLaw World Conference in NYC

25-27 April 2014

Mudd Law attorneys attended C2E2 in Chicago, Illinois.

24 April 2014
Mudd Law appeared at the Small Business Expo in Chicago, Illinois. Charles Lee Mudd Jr. presented a well-received primer on "Top 10 Legal Essentials for Small Businesses."

14 January 2014
Charles Lee Mudd Jr. has been included in the 2014 edition of Intellectual Property Super Lawyers.

1 January 2014
Amendments to the Illinois Eavesdropping Statute (720 ILCS § 5/14-6) on which Charles Mudd worked become effective. The amendments provide a civil remedy for unauthorized access to one's electronic communications (eg email).